"I learned my skills in the trenches by trial and error and by shadowing highly successful sales people."

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Gerry Shaltz

I know a great deal about why people succeed or fail in selling. I made it my business to study top salespeople, and had the good fortune of working alongside some of the best. These people, some earning high six-figure incomes or more annually on straight commission, became my teachers.

After identifying top salespeople, I would shadow them as much as possible. Often, I’d ride along to watch and listen to them while they set appointments, gave presentations, and closed sales. It felt good to be in the trenches with the real pros, the highest achievers. I was a sponge soaking up everything, whether or not I understood it. I sometimes emulated their speech patterns, gestures, pauses, and even a few strange quirks. I had little idea of just how valuable it was to mirror these “heavy hitters,” but I did it and it worked. It wasn’t long before I was producing at a respectable rate.


WORD SMART August 08, 2011

Words influence the outcome of a sales presentation. Words can change minds. People judge you by the words you use. Become word smart.

Words and Phrases people like:   I couldn’t agree more. – Protected – Fully protected. – Safe. – I respect that.- I understand how you feel. - Statistics show. – Makes sense. – Time is money. – Options. – Fair enough? – Risk management. – Right on. – You’re ahead of the game. – It pays for itself. – Invest – Investment ( instead of “buy”), -  I need your approval. – Can I make a suggestion please? – I appreciate that. More...


"Gerry is the best pure salesperson I have known in my career. His natural talent combined with hard work and a desire for continuous learning allowed him to take his career to a level of excellence few will achieve. This is someone you can definitely learn from."
Mike West
Former President/COO, Octel Communications
Former Chairman, Vina Technologies
Former Chairman, Extreme Networks


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