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The Book

Click here to buy the book The DNA of SellingThe DNA of Selling brings a wealth of knowledge and experience the author gained during many years of building a lucrative and fulfilling career in sales. Gerry Shaltz has compiled his most powerful sales tactics into this easy-to-follow guide, complete with step-by-step instructions. He graciously shares his methods in ways designed to meet business and sales professionals at every skill level.

Readers will find crucial tools needed to gain, renew, or enhance their own selling skills. This book will also build confidence in students aspiring to create successful careers in selling and business at every level. Even sales veterans working to stay at the top will find inspiration here.

The author's seminars and lectures have been widely requested since he first began revealing his trade secrets. He shares his wisdom and proven successbuilding strategies with numerous businesses, organizations and university business schools such as UCLA, Anderson School of Management, and others.

These strategies were developed over literally, thousands of sales presentations. In this book, Gerry Shaltz clearly and openly presents tools that many experienced business and sales experts wish they'd had when they first started out.

"Most business school full professors have never been businessmen. They got their master's, PhD, then taught and wrote their way up the ladder to tenure. There is no tenure in business. If you can't sell (your product, your service, yourself) you are gone. Sadly, most business professors feel that teaching selling is "beneath" them. You might succeed in business school without selling but you can't succeed in the business world without it. Imagine a medical school where the teaching staff has never performed surgery themselves, yet they are instructing the interns and residents. That's what you have at business schools."
Bob Zider, President, The Beta Group